Prevent your Rain Forest , prevention is better than any cure action

Hi.. All ..this is my first blog btw.
I created this blog because i wanted to share some of my view and concern. Although writing in English is one of my weakness , i hope i can convey my thoughs correctly.

Last month i took a flight from Balikpapan to Samarinda by Susi Air.
During the trip, we flew over east borneo island. From the sky you can see clearly how rain forest has been turned to be a lake.
Very badly shaped lake. Please see the picture



The coal mining activity has transformed a rain forest to be a ugly shaped lake.

What goverment has done ?
From government side they regulate this mining by asking miners to do reclamation.
Government imposed reclamation deposit fee before any mining job take place. And they r going to return that deposit once the reclamation is finished

In reality :
1. I personally think the fee deposited in governement account is not enough to turn this “lake” become a rain forest
2. From company view, its very difficult to get back the money from goverment. They will just let the government take the “reclamation deposit” instead of doing the reclamation and asking their deposit back.

Result :
Nobody do the reclamation… And our rainforest permanently transformed into “ugly lake”

And personally i will be happy if any activist from WWF ( i believe some of U was asked to donate to this organization before for protecting rainforest ) read my blog.

To our indonesian government ans WWF : please prevent this !! Prevention better than any cure action !!!



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